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If you want to stay healthy for years to come, it’s important to regularly participate in general medicine services like physical exams, laboratory testing, and preventive screenings. At Brooklyn Health Medical Alliance Primary Care in the Downtown Brooklyn area of Brooklyn in New York City, Ahmar Butt, MD, Lalasa Valasareddi, MD and the team provide all of these general medicine services and more. To schedule an appointment, book online or call the office to speak with a caring staff member today.

General Medicine Q&A

What is general medicine?

General medicine provides primary care services that are essential to your health and well-being. It works to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases while improving your quality of life as a whole.

What services does general medicine offer?

The team at Brooklyn Health Medical Alliance offers a variety of general medicine services onsite, including:


A physical exam is a routine screening used to check in on your health. During a physical, your provider checks your vital signs, palpates your organs, tests your reflexes, and asks you about any unusual symptoms you’re experiencing. 

It also presents an opportunity to ask questions and build a relationship with your primary care physician.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing refers to blood panels, urinalysis, and other diagnostic measures used to learn more about your health. Some of the most common types of laboratory testing include a complete blood count (CBC), lipid panels, and glycated hemoglobin (A1C).

Preventive screenings

As you age, you become more susceptible to certain health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Preventive screenings, including mammograms, prostate exams, Pap smears, and colonoscopies, can alert you to potentially life-threatening issues early when they’re easiest to care for. 


Vaccinations, or immunizations, “teach” your body’s immune system to identify harmful invaders like bacteria and viruses. If you end up catching a contagious illness, they can minimize your symptoms and help you recover more quickly. 

Some of the most common vaccinations include the seasonal flu shot, the chickenpox vaccine, and diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP). 

Diagnostic imaging

Diagnostic imaging procedures like X-rays and ultrasound provide detailed pictures of your bones, internal organs, and soft tissues. These tools allow the team at Brooklyn Health Medical Alliance to diagnose broken bones, sprains, and strains, as well as other injuries and ailments.

How often should I schedule a general medicine appointment?

The team at Brooklyn Health Medical Alliance recommends you schedule a general medicine appointment at least once a year. 

Many chronic health problems, including hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes, present few noticeable symptoms early on. This means you might be at risk and not realize it.

Regular checkups can alert you to potential issues in their beginning stages when they respond best to treatment.

If you want to invest in your health, schedule a general medicine appointment at Brooklyn Health Medical Alliance. Book a consultation online or call the office and speak with a caring staff member today.